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We are a 3rd generation family farm, with deep roots farming strawberries in California.  We are proud to market under the Bobalu label in honor of those who started it all, Bob and Lupe Jones.

It all started with Cowboy and Flower Stand

Back in the early 50’s Bob Jones was working as a cattleman in Oxnard and Lupe Lopez owned the only flower store in Ventura.  They met and fell in love, Bob Jones had an opportunity in the mid-50’s to purchase some cattle ground in North Oxnard, with the crazy idea to go into farming.  Well, the idea didn’t sound that crazy to Lupe and she used money from the flower store to buy what they would name the Bob Jones Ranch.  Bob Jones then proceeded to lease out the ground to another grower and the first strawberries in Oxnard were planted on that ranch.

Beginning in 1958

Bob Jones started growing vegetable and strawberries on the Bob Jones Ranch and some surrounding ranches in the Oxnard area.  Bob Jones’ strawberries garnered a reputation for being some of the highest quality and best tasting around.

In 1962

Bob Jones started marketing his strawberries under the Bobalu brand, which was a combination of both his and Lupe’s names (Bob and Lupe).

Starting in the late 70’s

Bob Jones’ oldest son Dickey Jones joins the operations to continue the family tradition.

In 2015

Dickey Jones’ sons Bobby and RC Jones start West Coast Berry Farms to continue the family’s involvement in the Oxnard strawberry industry.

In 2017

Bobby and RC seize the opportunity to expand operations into Santa Maria, Salinas and diversify into the strawberry processing industry.  Expanding their operations to 2,000 farming acres throughout the state of California.


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