We are a Family Grown, Farmer Owned Year-Round Provider of Premium Berries.

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Bobalu Berry Farms Since 1962


Family Grown Farmer Owned
Bobalu Berries today is a fully integrated Grower, Packer, Shipper, and Processor. We now have many associates who are also third generation members of our extended family. Our management team of family members have over 250 collective years of strawberry growing and packing experience. This is precisely why we still carry the “Family Grown, Farmer Owned” slogan.


BOBALU! (Bob-a-loo) When we share our company name with people for the first time, we get smiles and then the question as to what that means. We know it’s a fun word to say and we love the chance to tell our story behind the name.

BOBALU comes from our grandparents, Bob and Lupe, who started it all back in 1958. They believed in growing the highest quality, sustainable and innovative berry products. Today, we are proud and honored to be continuing that tradition.


Sustainable Farming

We are proud to work with our team in the field harvesting Bobalu berries every day.

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