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As a family grown and farmer owned company, we are sharing our family recipes, tips and tricks for our fresh strawberries with your shoppers. We have created video content, our exclusive recipe library and an electronic newsletter to keep them informed of our seasonality and family story.

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Berry Beneficial

Did you know that Berries, along with other produce items, are considered superfoods? To earn the superfood distinction, products must naturally be a good source of antioxidants, phytonutrients, fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals and, be low in fat, cholesterol, sodium and trans-fat. Berries definitely fit the bill and are a delicious and easy addition to a healthy diet.

Berries are becoming increasingly important in our diets (all types of diets) as much more health benefits are discovered. Most berries have been found to have disease fighting properties and fall under the superfood category. Our strawberries are available year-round, thanks to new varieties, growing regions and distribution systems. Bobalu is proud to provide delicious and nutritious berries every day to you and your family.

For even more information on how strawberries are the perfect fruit to compliment your healthy lifestyle, please visit the California strawberry health & wellness page. It is packed with nutritional information, resources and videos. While you are there, be sure to visit the strawberry recipes and download your favorites for the next time you have Bobalu berries in your fridge.

  • √ Cholesterol-Free
  • √ Low-Fat
  • √ Sodium-Free
  • √ Gluten-Free
  • √ Low in Saturated Fat
  • √ Good Source of Fiber

(per cup, raw halves)