Our Story


Bob and Lupe Jones began growing strawberries in Oxnard, California in 1958 and quickly garnered a reputation for farming some of the highest quality and best tasting strawberries in the nation. The Bobalu brand actually debuted in 1962 as they expanded into marketing and shipping strawberries beyond Oxnard…


Bob Jones started growing strawberries in the Oxnard area. Bob Jones’ strawberries garnered a reputation for being some of the highest quality and best tasting strawberries in the nation.


Bob and Lupe Jones launch their new brand “BOBALU” and expand into marketing and shipping strawberries.


Bob Jones expands into pre-cooling and distribution of strawberries.


In the quest to become completely vertically integrated in the strawberry industry Bob Jones enters into the strawberry processing business.


During these years Bob Jones, his son and grandsons partnered with a number of shippers to help them build their Southern California strawberry presence.


The Jones brothers seize on the opportunity to supply their customers with year-round high quality strawberries by expanding operations in Oxnard, Santa Maria, Salinas, Florida, and Mexico.


We have grown to become a fully integrated Grower, Packer, Shipper, and Processor. We have many associates who themselves are third generation members of our extended family. Our management team of family members have over 250 collective years of strawberry growing and packing experience. This is precisely why have adopted the “Family Grown, Farmer Owned” slogan.


A 60th-anniversary milestone for the Bobalu brand. To honor Bob and Lupe, the Jones family established the annual Bobalu Berry Farms Scholarship Program for graduating high school seniors in Ventura County.