We are committed to protecting the land where we farm and the people that work with us to ensure we provide for the next generations that will continue to farm here. Sustainability also means we are deeply committed to supporting our communities where we farm and initiatives that provide support to health and wellness programs for children, our next generation.

At Bobalu we strongly feel it is our job to feed the planet and do it sustainably. We also recognize food waste is an area we can have a positive impact on today and into the future. Therefore, we harvest all the ripe fruit off our plants so any strawberries not going into the fresh clamshell are still used for the processed market. This approach we use on all our farms reduces food waste, and keeps the fields clean, reducing pest and disease pressure on farm.

As farmers, we don’t like to acknowledge that every berry might not live up to our expectations. Thankfully, our culling program gives us the ability to direct out-of-grade berries into an alternative pack during harvesting. We maintain healthier strawberry plants by removing all the fruit from the plants and furrows, reducing pests and disease pressure, while increasing our overall quality of fresh strawberries.

Most important, we are reducing food waste by utilizing culled berries in our processing facility, repurposing them into juice concentrates, puree for beverages, and ingredients for baked goods and pastries. If interested in purchasing frozen berries commercially, contact [email protected] for details.

Our food safety practices focus first on prevention, a commitment and responsibility we implement 365 days a year. We comply with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and are audited under this program. We utilize GAPs (Good Agricultural Practices) and GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) on all our farms and facilities and maintain our food safety standards year-round.

We proactively monitor potential food safety hazards to prevent issues from arising by providing regular on-farm training, tailgate meetings, and supervisor training. All the programs, protocols and training activities throughout the year are crucial to the safety of our employees, our berries and consumer health. Our berries are certified Kosher, and our food safety program is audited by PrimusLabs: We comply with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and are audited under this program, and achieved Global Gap certification in 2022.

Our berries have natural pests that present a daily challenge in our fields. Thankfully, we have living allies called persimilis, predator mites to help combat the dreaded spider mites. These helpful predators are released into our fields serving as biological controls to the spider mite that can damage our plants and ultimately, the fruit before we even get the chance to harvest.

With drone technology the persimilis can be released in a uniform way quickly and efficiently which improves performance throughout the field while reducing labor.