Where We Farm


In California, we have selectively chosen ranches and locations throughout the state to allow ourselves to have a consistent year-round supply of high-quality strawberries. Additionally, during the winter months when production is slower in California, we have aligned ourselves with family farmers in Florida and Mexico that share our values providing consistent year-round volume for our customers.


Salinas, CA

Salinas & Watsonville is our last region in California to begin harvest each year. Being a late arrival doesn’t hold this region back, providing firm and sweet berries for the late summer and fall season. Though it isn’t our largest growing region, Salinas/ Watsonville is the largest strawberry region in the USA and berries from this district complement our harvest from other earlier coastal regions.

Plant City, FL

Central Florida is the primary U.S. strawberry region during the winter months. Plant City is known for being the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World. This region along with Mexico helps to bridge that winter gap from California and provides quality, juicy strawberries in a promotable volume.

Santa Maria, CA

Santa Maria is also a prime strawberry growing region due to the diverse micro-climates throughout the valley. We strategically selected farms in this region with stable climates that mimic northern California to help extend our season well into the fall and winter months. Our strawberries are grown close to the beach, northwest of Santa Maria to capitalize on the ocean breezes bringing warm sunny days and cool foggy nights along with that ideal sandy soil strawberry plants love. Our season in Santa Maria extends from March until thanksgiving bringing those summer and fall delicious berries to market every day.

Zamora, MX
Los Reyes, MX

We appreciate our farming associates in central Mexico as this district allows us to continue to provide a year-round supply of strawberries to our customers. Our central Mexico connection provides excellent quality strawberries at a time when California’s production dips due to the winter weather patterns and short days.

Oxnard, CA

Oxnard is considered by many to be the Strawberry Capital of the World. The coastal climate and early Spring weather contribute to our success. That Southern California weather we all enjoy with warm sunny days and cool breezy nights, provide perfect strawberry growing conditions. The result is acres of large and delicious beautiful red strawberries harvested every few days. We begin each year by the first of January harvesting well into Spring bringing consumers berries across the country for Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day holidays.

Our summer planted acreage provides a whole new crop in the fall providing year-round availability in the U.S.

Year-round Availability