April 12, 2024

Crop Update

Once again we have had some wonderful Spring weather this week, ending with a threat of rain on the horizon.  As we write this update, we are looking at potential rain in the forecast this weekend but Spring is definitely here so it will not have any long term affect on the progression of our season.

As you can see from the photos, we have strong, healthy, and abundant fruit pushing out on these plants here in Oxnard.  The fruit is excellent, with size holding steady and flavor is great!  We are really excited about what is ahead for us here and what is yet to come with our peak season here in Oxnard.  Currently, we are expecting this region to carry us into the end of May as the weather remains mild.

Santa Maria is still a little behind and we expect that region to continue to progress with increasing volume as we get farther into spring and summer weather ahead.  We have a long season ahead here in Santa Maria and we are excited about the fields here as they steadily increase in weekly and daily numbers to support the overall volume coming from our ranches here in California.