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December 22, 2022

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU!  Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday season and we appreciate your partnership.  This will be our last update until the new year so we look forward to sharing new photos, volume forecasts, and overall crop updates each week beginning in … Read On ›

December 2, 2022

California Update We are happy to say that we are still harvesting fruit from our fall crop here in California in December!  Yes, there is some rain in the forecast so we are working around that as much as possible to ensure best quality.  Overall, we are … Read On ›

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving We are very thankful for you and your support of our strawberry program.  We continue to increase our crossings from Mexico with great quality and flavor.  Our fall California program is also continuing to produce excellent fruit at a consistent rate. Our volume … Read On ›

November 11, 2022

Fall Crop Update Happy Veterans Day and Thank you for your Service Our California strawberry regions are still in production despite the weather challenges we are experiencing this year.  While we love getting the much needed rain here, its never the right time! We did know this most recent … Read On ›

October 20, 2022

Fall Crop Update The Fall strawberry season in both Santa Maria and Oxnard continue to provide challenges with lighter than normal volume.  There are many factors contributing to the lighter numbers, including weather which has increased pest and disease pressure.  The result is less fruit in the fresh … Read On ›

October 14, 2022

Santa Maria Update The Fall strawberry season here continues to experience tight volume.  The plants and fruit are healthy, but we are seeing lighter yields as we focus on packing best quality due to some previous weather disruptions. We continue to experience foggy mornings with daytime temps hovering in … Read On ›

October 7, 2022

Santa Maria Update This fall berry season has been a bit of a wild ride so far.  We have had some weather as you know that kicked off this new season causing some early disruptions in volume and now volume continues to remain a bit tight.  Throughout, fruit … Read On ›

September 23, 2022

Santa Maria Update The rain was definitely here and hit some areas harder than others.  We have been using most of this week to clean up fields that were affected and strip plants to get harvesting back on track now that the weather has settled back in to … Read On ›

September 9, 2022

Santa Maria Update As you know, California has had quite the heat wave over the last week.  It appears that the system will be moving out finally and we should see normal conditions again by the weekend throughout the state.  Thankfully, our Santa Maria fields hug the coastline … Read On ›

August 26, 2022

Santa Maria Update We are continuing to transition to our fall crop season here while keeping up with demand.  This is definitely a balancing act as we assess the shift to new crop, maintain current crop fields that are still producing, while ensuring we keep our labor force. We … Read On ›