May 31, 2024

Statewide Strawberry Volume Snapshot

As the state worked through Memorial Day, the strawberry volume hit some records and as of May 25th, the cumulative California strawberry volume was just over 81 million trays.  This number compares to 57 million the same time last year and 78 million in 2022.  Contributing to this record number, we experienced three weeks of volume well over 9 million trays each, with one week (4/27) almost hitting 10 million trays.  Oxnard has now shifted to the freezer, and some east side Santa Maria fields have pulled out, so we should see a correction.

Bobalu Crop Update

We have shifted our fresh strawberry volume to the west side of Santa Maria.  This region is very similar in climate conditions to the coastal Watsonville area due to the proximity to the ocean with milder weather conditions, giving us cool days and nights.

We are expecting peak numbers here to hit in the next week or so and continue with peak volume through most of June.  This is prime season here in our Santa Maria fields as we harvest excellent fruit with good size, color and flavor.  We are on a regular harvest schedule keeping the fields clean and producing consistent volume.