June 10, 2022

Santa Maria Update

It looks like we are now through the peak here in Santa Maria but our weekly numbers should be steady for the next few weeks.  Thankfully, being on the west side of town we should benefit from the cooler temps this weekend as some other regions in production will experience heat in the upper 80’s.

Our day neutral varieties have great size, flavor, and quality and we are very focused on maintaining our QC protocols and weekly rotation to ensure best fruit in every container.

We still have a lot of really nice fruit out there and we look forward to your support as we help you keep berry displays front and center throughout this month.  We are just now moving into the second half of an excellent berry season and appreciate your partnership.

Industry Update

We took a look at the Strawberry Commission Report this week and noted that over the last three weeks, the state has shipped 26 million trays of strawberries, which is 3 million more than the same time last year.   Every region is well ahead of the volume compared to the same time last year with YTD California fresh volume more than ten million trays ahead of 2021, but actually behind 2020 YTD, so there is still plenty of room to promote and meet the consumer demand.