April 1, 2022

Oxnard Update

Well, Its April Fools Day, but we don’t have a lot of tricks up our sleeves today.  Instead, we are still cleaning up plants in Oxnard that received a couple of inches of rain early this week in a very short amount of time.  This rain hit harder than we expected, so the clean up is taking a little longer to ensure we maintain strong plant health and high quality in the pack.  We did end up throwing away more than 20% of the fruit this week.

We do expect to get back in with a fairly normal pick next week in this region and the weather forecast is starting out pretty mild and cool.  However, we do see a warm up expected at the end of next week.  We will keep you posted on our harvest schedule  and we look forward to everything bouncing back pretty quickly now as we move forward.

Santa Maria Update

Like Oxnard, This region also was hit by rain early this week, but not as much, or as quick.  Our Santa Maria fields got the least amount of rain overall this week. We expect a similar shift in the weather here with a warming trend coming in at the end of next week.  Numbers in this district will continue to inch up as we begin harvesting our Monterey variety here on the west side of town.  Our organic fruit is also increasing in volume each week and got through the rain fairly well.   We snapped these photos for you from the Santa Maria fields so you can see how the plant growth and fruit looks this week following the rain.  We are on track for a great season here!


Consumer News

We continually connect with consumers by providing new ideas and recipes every week through our social channels.  We upload recipes every month to our website which is getting quite a library of exclusive and delicious recipes.  Also, to make them easy to access, we provide this QR Code on every clamshell which takes the consumer directly to our recipe page for recipe solutions, videos, and quick hacks for the whole family.