April 8, 2022

Oxnard Update

What a crazy ride from rain, to sun, and heat and now Easter right around the corner.  We have been preparing for the Easter demand and it is definitely here.  We appreciate your support as we have worked through challenges to ensure best quality heading into the demand for Easter promotions as consumers are so ready for this spring holiday.

Weather has warmed up late this week and as quickly as the heat got here, it will be gone.  We expect everything to cool down quickly back to normal by the weekend.  We are staying on top these shifts with our rotation in harvesting, QC, and heat prevention practices as we work through today.

Volume will continue to increase as we make our way to peak season which hopefully will hit just before Mother’s Day here in Oxnard.  Weather is expected to be back in the mid to high 60’s with night time temps in the high 40’s.    Quality, color and flavor is great (QC photo from this morning below) so we look forward to the next several weeks as we ramp up up to peak numbers.

Santa Maria Update

We got a little heat here as well with temperature expected to hit the 80’s today, but back down to normal 60’s by the weekend and through next week.  We are excited for this region to kick into volume over the next several weeks, which is going to provide additional fruit coming into Mothers Day then a great transition as southern California slowly declines as we get closer to Summer.

Our plants look great and our volume is increasing with our day neutral varieties complementing our Fronteras here in Santa Maria.   Below are some photos taken yesterday afternoon of the fruit coming on nicely.

Organic fields also increasing in volume each week and we look forward to a nice long season here in Santa Maria.

Bottom line, we are heading into peak season with great fruit, healthy plants and we are ready to go with season long promotions as consumers get outside and celebrate Spring and Summer.


Company News

We are happy to announce that we now have a sales office in Monterey, CA.  Anthony, Jonathan and Ryan are all working from this office with space for meetings and visitors.  We hope you will visit us in our new space and we look forward to seeing you in California this Spring and Summer so we can get back to the days of field tours!  We are located at 40 Ragsdale, Ste 110, Monterey, CA 93940