April 28, 2023

Oxnard:  We continue to experience mild conditions here with highs in the 60’s and could even see a cool down next week with chances of rain.  This just confirms that this has been a season like no other, with rain in May?.  We should be able to work around the forecasted showers and pick ahead, but it could disrupt our harvest schedule next week a bit.  Quality and plant health is excellent, sizing is still large and fruit is firm with great color.  We are still on track for the season here to continue well into May because of these mild temps including nights hovering around 50 degrees.

Santa Maria:   We are pleased with the signs that Santa Maria will start picking up on daily and weekly volume as we get into May.  The temperatures are very similar to Oxnard and we could get some rain here as well mid-week.  We will keep you up to date as the forecast may shift as we get closer.  The good news is, our volume is steadily increasing each week and we look forward to peak volume toward the middle or end of June. The fields look great, and the fruit is excellent in color, flavor, and size.

As we barely get into our spring and summer volume, we are already working the ground for our fall crop!  Very pleased we are able to offer year-round fruit here in California.