April 21, 2023

Oxnard:  We are looking forward to a little warm up this weekend and actually flirting with 70 degree temperatures!  The plants and fruit should respond nicely to the warmer forecast ahead accompanied by night time lows ranging in the low 50s.  It is nice to finally enjoy some spring conditions here, a month into Spring.  The fruit looks great with excellent sizing and color.  As we have said before, we are still tracking behind our normal peak volume, which is not expected to kick in until we get into mid-May.  At that point we expect sustained peak numbers into the Memorial Day pull.

Santa Maria:   We continue to see signs of plants responding to Spring weather on the horizon and volume is picking up here in our fields.  While numbers are still not what we typically get at this time of year, we are thankful that Oxnard will be able to carry us through May holiday demands.  Our volume is steadily increasing here each week and we are still forecasting peak volume toward the end of June. The fields look really healthy, and the fruit we are harvesting is excellent in color and size so we are happy with progress.  The 10 day forecast shows very similar day time highs as Oxnard, but our nights here are still cooler in the 40’s.  We will keep you informed of how things progress here over the next few weeks as plants start pushing more fruit.

Be sure to share some of our new recipes with your customers as you promote our berries this Spring and Summer.  We add new recipes every month and have a variety to choose from.  We continue to promote daily on social media with strong messaging about our core values, sustainability and ways to reduce food waste.