April 14, 2023

Oxnard:  We are so happy to report that Oxnard is finally hitting it’s stride with strong volume and excellent quality.   We are looking at promotable volume and expect to be hitting some peak numbers by month end.  Our peak volume will be sustained into the Mother’s Day pull and beyond.  While daytime temps remain somewhat cool, our night time temps are finally warming a bit which helps with shifting our harvesting schedule to 5 days a week.  The 10 day forecast shows a nice warm up next weekend which will help keep our numbers on track and really sweeten up the flavor even more, which our consumers expect and enjoy.

Coachella:  This region is also seeing really nice weather conditions.  As the weather does warm up here more than Oxnard, we have shifted to harvesting to early mornings every day to capture best quality and flavor.  We will keep harvesting in this region as long as the weather continues to cooperate.  We are very happy with how the season has unfolded here as the quality and flavor remain excellent.

Santa Maria:   We have obviously had a very slow start here, but we see things changing as we get through the next couple of weeks.  By month end we do see more volume coming on from this region and the ability to support Oxnard for those Mother’s Day promotions we are all looking forward to.  The ten day forecast here looks very similar to Oxnard with hopefully some warmer temperatures hitting next week to jump start these plants that are so ready to produce.  The fruit we are harvesting now is still minimal but looks and tastes great.  Stay in touch with our sales team on this region as things could change quickly depending on weather.

Be sure to check out our new clamshell and label that is fully recyclable, along with other sustainability progress here at Bobalu Berries.