August 12, 2022

Santa Maria Update

We are seeing some changes ahead as we continue to harvest here in Santa Maria.  We know the volume has been a bit tight these last couple of weeks, but we are really focused on ensuring best quality as we continue to harvest our spring crop.  At the same time, we are seeing significant progress in our fall crop as the plants mature and fruit comes on.  We are still a week or so away from ramping up here with the fall crop, but everything looks great and the fruit has excellent flavor.  We will have both Monterey and Portola available.

Our current crop here still looks and tastes great, as you can see in the photo the Cabrillo variety has great color, sheen and size in this two-pound container.    Be sure to stay in touch with our sales team on volume and timing of current and new crop fruit over the next couple of weeks here in Santa Maria.

Oxnard Update

We are on schedule to begin harvest of our new fall crop here as well.  These shots were taken this week which shows we still have time before the fall season begins in Oxnard.  Our timing is scheduled to compliment the Santa Maria crop and we should begin harvesting in mid to late September.  We will keep you informed as the plants mature and we see the fruit coming on.

Industry Update

Year to date strawberry volume for the state is well ahead of last year at 153 million trays, compared to 137 million in 2021.  Watsonville/Salinas shows the biggest jump in numbers with more than 10 million trays ahead of same time last year.

Weekly numbers throughout the state are still hovering around 6 million trays which is comparable to 2021 during the same time period.