December 15, 2023

Fall Crop and new Crop Update:

We are mid way through the month and things are changing rapidly. This is the time of year when weather can become a factor in all of our growing regions so we will do our best to keep you informed of what is happening here in our fields.

We are beginning to harvest our new crop in Oxnard and the fields look great. You can see from the photos included that there are spots of red everywhere. However, we are also expecting rain to begin early next week and it is forecasted to stick around for several days. We are harvesting ahead of the expected weather, but we expect it to have an impact on volume from both new and fall crop in Oxnard and Santa Maria.


We are also harvesting in Mexico and coming off some rain there as well. We will keep bringing fruit in on a regular basis that meets our quality standard. As you can see from these photos. the plants are loaded, and we just need some favorable weather for this region to take off.