December 1, 2023

Fall Crop California:

Welcome to December!  Things have definitely been interesting with our 2023 strawberry season.  Even with the long and challenging year, we are still harvesting fall crop fruit here in southern California.  Cooler weather has slowed things down but the fruit still looks and tastes great.  Weather has been hovering in the low 60’s here during the day with night time temps in the 40’s.  While that may sound warm to those of you getting snow right now, its chilly for fresh strawberries trying to ripen in the California sun.

We do expect to keep harvesting our 2023 fall fruit until our 2024 spring crop begins here in Oxnard.  Again, depending on weather, we should be packing a few berries from our new crop before Christmas.  The fields look great and the plants are very healthy.  We have included a few photos taken this week in Oxnard.

We are also excited about some of the test varieties that look very promising here in Oxnard both for the Spring and Fall 2024 crop.  More to come on that later.  In the meantime, we are excited about what is ahead and appreciate your patience as we work through this lighter volume period.


Volume is slowly increasing as we work our way through a tight November into December.  The fruit looks great and has very good sizing and flavor.  We continue to work with our partners in that region to keep volume steady as we continue to pull fruit into the US to support our volume here in California.