February 10, 2023

Welcome back to the 10 o’clock Walk with Bobalu Berries.  We are finally getting back on track with a new strawberry season here in California and look forward to sharing regular crop updates with you this year.

California Update

Oxnard is finally enjoying some sunny conditions, but we are still seeing cooler days and night time temps in the 40’s.  The plants have recovered from all the rain we received last month and the fields look great.  We are still behind where we should be at this time of the year, but the fruit is coming on and we should see volume continue to increase each week.  Photos below were taken this week in our Oxnard fields.

Santa Maria is still running 3 – 4 weeks behind due to the January storms, but the fields are progressing and we look forward to better news in the coming weeks as we get closer to March.

Mexico Update

We are still pulling from Mexico on a daily basis and remain focused on quality as we receive fruit at our US point of entry.  We are thankful our partners in this region have continued to provide strawberry volume during a time when we had little to no California product due to the extreme weather conditions we experienced.

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