February 9, 2024

Go Niners !


This region has really come through over the last couple of weeks to support the demand for stems leading into the Valentine’s holiday.  Our QC team has been focused on sizing and color in these stem packs to ensure best quality.  We have also had strong and consistent volume of regular pack sizes to support our customers as our California regions continue to have weather disruptions.  We expect to have good quality fruit continue out of our growing regions here in Mexico.

Oxnard & Santa Maria

As you know by watching the national news, we got hit pretty hard in southern California with rain and heavy winds over the last week or so.  As you can see from the photo, we had a lot of water in the furrows during the storm, and we are now working through some soggy fields. The sun is out today so we are cleaning up and moving forward.  The weather is still expected to be cool during the day in the low 60’s with cooler night time temps in the low 40’s keeping harvesting at lower numbers.  However, we are happy to see some dry days ahead going into next week.  There is a chance of rain at the end of next week, but we are keeping the fields clean and hope to work around the next weather event like we have been doing for these most recent storms.