January 26, 2024


We are receiving regular volume coming across the border from our regions in central Mexico.  QC teams are focused on ensuring best fruit size, color and flavor to support the demand we are getting as consumers begin to add berries to their weekly shopping list heading into February.  The plants are very healthy with a lot of bloom and green fruit to keep volume steady.  We hope to have plenty of fruit as Valentine’s Day demand increases.


We are still getting a mixed bag of weather here, but that is not affecting the plants ability to continue to push out fruit.  Size, color, and flavor are excellent as these young plants come to life here.  Volume is picking up and we look forward to having stems from this region to support the Valentine’s Day pull.  We are hoping that the weather in receiving markets improves and demand builds as consumers have the opportunity to get out and shop.  The hazardous weather conditions on the east and in the mid-west have definitely caused disruptions in January.  Last year we couldn’t get fruit out of California, and this year the receiving markets are getting hit.    Hoping for a mild February both in shipping and receiving markets with plenty of promotional opportunities.