January 14, 2022

California Update

Things are progressing in Oxnard as the harvesting increases each day and week and we are on track with our forecast of a strong start to the season.  Volume is picking up each day this month and our daily harvest rotation on all the ranches shows beautiful, large and firm delicious fruit coming on. We are already getting requests for stems in support of Valentine’s day and are doing our best to respond and support our customers with estimates on quantities and timing.  Weather permitting, we should have good supplies to fill those holiday orders.  Our current forecast shows optimum daytime and nighttime temps for the next 10 days.

Coachella is also increasing in daily volume with excellent and firm fruit really helping to fill the strong demand.  Weather here for the next ten days shows daytime highs in the 70’s and lows in the 40’s.  We are already looking ahead to next month for a potential early start in Santa Maria before the end of February or early March. Stay tuned!

Mexico Update

Volume should reach peak numbers this month as crossings increase each day. We are working through challenges with transportation and logistics using multiple receiving regions to ensure freshest fruit and less road time.   So far, we are keeping up and keeping trucks rolling across the border each day. Our QC team is pleased with quality and the fruit looks great with large size, color and flavor. Once we reach peak volume, the numbers should stay consistent for a few weeks until the weather shifts.