January 21, 2022

Oxnard and Santa Maria Update

Oxnard volume is picking up each day and week as weather cooperates and supports continued plant health and lots of bloom.  We are seeing sunny skies and the days becoming longer with nice mild temperatures both day and night.  We have also had some gray skies in the morning keeping volume in check with a nice steady increase.  Fruit size, color and flavor is absolutely excellent and we expect that to be the trend here in Oxnard all season long, especially as we come into the Valentine’s Day demand.  Be sure to get your orders in now to support your Valentine’s Day promotions.

Our fields in Santa Maria are also coming along nicely with plants maturing well and red fruit appearing already.  We still have a long way to go with potential weather disruptions here before we kick into our spring season since it is still technically winter.  However, we do have short-day varieties coming on sooner with some volume expected beginning the second half of February.  Red fruit is already peaking through on some of our ranches planted with those short-day varieties.  We will keep you updated each week as we see this region come into play.

Mexico Update

Volume is increasing as this region comes into peak season.  We are focused on maintaining strict quality control at our receiving points as the weather heats up in central Mexico. Crossings from this region will continue to compliment our increasing numbers coming out of all regions in California that continue to ramp up.

Industry News

We are looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming Southeastern Produce Council convention in Orlando, FL this year.  It has been quite a long time between conventions for us and we are happy to finally have a booth at the 2022 show.  We hope you are able to attend and visit with us in person!  Please visit with us at booth #317 at the SEPC Southern Exposure Event in early March.