March 18, 2022

Southern California Update

On Sunday we welcome the First Day of Spring, and begin to celebrate a ramp up in volume over the next three weeks as we approach the Easter Holiday pull.  The clocks have already changed and the weather is following suit here with daytime temps expected into the 70’s next week and mild evening temps, perfect for growing strawberries.

Oxnard volume will continue to increase each week with a good jump expected the week leading into Easter for those ads breaking in time for the holiday.  The fruit looks and tastes great and we are really happy with how the crop is unfolding.  Our volume out of Coachella is also expected to be consistent over the next few weeks as weather cooperates.

Santa Maria Update

Spring is also hitting this growing region with temps warming up next week, but the nights are still cooler here than in Oxnard.   Our early fruit will continue with great color, size and flavor well into the Spring holiday season with increased numbers in early April.  We also expect our day neutral varieties to kick in about the same time to help with spring demand.

Believe it or not, we are also prepping ground here in Santa Maria for our fall crop before we even get into peak spring season.  We are always planning ahead and look forward to a full year of great quality fruit.

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Industry News

We also just received this great info from the California Strawberry Commission as we head into spring.  This data serves as a great reminder of just how popular strawberries are with shoppers.  Clearly America’s favorite fruit!  These numbers they shared continue to increase, which means more of our berries in the shopping cart, and added to your total produce sales.  For more info, just ask us or feel free to connect with the Strawberry Commission  [email protected]