March 11, 2022

Southern California Update

As we head into mid-March, the weather is becoming much more predictable.  Our Coachella ranches are expecting highs in the low 80’s with nighttime temps in the 50’s. We expect that region to peak in the next couple of weeks with sustained volume of really nice fruit through the month into April.

Our Oxnard weather is warming as well as we approach Spring this month.  Highs are forecasted next week in the low 70’s with night temps in the 50’s.  Volume will continue to increase each week as we get closer to April.  The size, color and flavor of the fruit coming out of Oxnard is excellent and we are already getting great consumer feedback as they get our fruit home to share with the family.

Santa Maria Update

We are lucky in this region that our fields are located closer to the west side and did not receive much damage from the recent cold snap that hit many on the east side of town.

Fronteras volume continues to increase each week here and the fruit looks and tastes great.  This variety will continue through the Spring which is very helpful since we are still a few weeks away from the day neutral varieties kicking in. Once they do, those ranches will carry us through the summer.


Other News

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