May 20, 2022

Santa Maria Update

We are now solely focused on our strawberry season in Santa Maria since we shifted Oxnard to processing this week.

We are still heading into peak season here on the west side of town and we could not be happier with what we see!  The fruit quality, size and flavor is excellent, as we  ramp up to peak volume still on schedule for mid to late June.  Our weekly numbers continue to climb as we get closer to that point.

The ten day weather forecast is showing ideal growing conditions with daytime temps in the low 70’s and nights hovering in the low 50’s – perfect for excellent fruit ahead.  We continue to see increased demand for larger pack sizes as consumers prepare for Memorial Day and graduation season.  We are also pleased with the consumer emails coming in complimenting our flavor and quality lately.

We look forward to a great summer of promotion and quality.

Bobalu You Tube

We also have a great library of video content that we are happy to share with your customers on Bobalu family background, insights on our sustainability efforts and what goes into getting stem packs harvested for those special occasions.  Be sure to check out our You Tube page here and let us know your thoughts!

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