November 11, 2022

Fall Crop Update

Happy Veterans Day and Thank you for your Service

Our California strawberry regions are still in production despite the weather challenges we are experiencing this year.  While we love getting the much needed rain here, its never the right time!

We did know this most recent storm was coming so we harvested ahead of the rain we received to keep the fields clean and ready to bounce back into production.  As you can see from our cover photo this week, Santa Maria is back in business as we harvest under a beautiful rainbow.

As we look at the long term forecast in both Santa Maria and Oxnard, we see good conditions ahead with no rain, daytime highs in the low 60’s and should see more beautiful fruit coming your way.  We are also excited about the new season coming out of Mexico to complement our California fruit for the next few months.  We are now crossing with some really nice fruit full of flavor, color and firmness.  These photos were taken this week from one of our growers in central Mexico.

Statewide Snapshot

While it appears that volume has dropped significantly from California, we still are showing that overall we are tracking closely to previous years.  YTD weekly numbers are dropping off, but we are still well ahead as a state of 2021.

The chart features 2022 cumulative volume with the black line as compared to previous cumulative numbers showing that big dip at the beginning of fall.  We also included the weekly volume numbers for the state from May to last week from the Strawberry Commission Pink Sheet.

As you can see, weekly volume for the state is now hovering just above 2 million trays, compared to a month ago at 4 million trays.  While at this point, this is a typical number, we got here a little faster this year than the previous two years.