October 20, 2022

Fall Crop Update

The Fall strawberry season in both Santa Maria and Oxnard continue to provide challenges with lighter than normal volume.  There are many factors contributing to the lighter numbers, including weather which has increased pest and disease pressure.  The result is less fruit in the fresh box to ensure only highest quality is packed.

Our QC team is working very closely with our harvest crews to ensure highest quality in every box and we are proud of the job they are doing.  The fruit looks and tastes great and we appreciate your patience as we work though these challenges.

Stay tuned and in touch with our sales team as we continue to see plenty of bloom on the plants and much more fruit to come this fall.

Fall Crop Statewide Trend 

As the fall season in California becomes a bigger factor in both Santa Maria and Oxnard, we did a review of how this trend has shifted over the last few years.   The purple line in Santa Maria shows a somewhat normal trend with a significant dip over the last few weeks but rebounding below previous years.  The purple line in Oxnard  shows a much earlier start in 2022 with a flattening occurring now. We will continue to follow and report on this year’s progress.