Santa Maria and Mexico Update

Santa Maria Update

We are increasing our harvest numbers each week on the fall crop but still in a tight volume situation. We are seeing great quality, sizing, color and flavor as the plants continue to mature and produce more fruit.

The foggy mornings and evenings have really been prevalent here are but there is a potential for some sunny and warmer weather next week with highs in the upper 70’s.

Labor is still tight in the region but we are getting everything harvested on time and staying on rotation. We look forward to a strong fall season ahead and remain on schedule in this region for the next several weeks.

Mexico Update

Now that we have Santa Maria on schedule and moving forward, we are looking ahead at our season set to begin in Mexico.

Today our 10 o’clock walk took us all the way to Mexico looking at fields in key growing regions and we are happy with quality and maturity of the plants so far. These photos taken this morning show young plants on their way with a little green fruit showing through.

We are still too early to accurately forecast this production, but some of the fields in earlier regions could begin exporting into the U.S. before the end of October. We will continue to keep you up to date as Mexico regions advance.

In case you missed this in the California Strawberry Commission newsletter, we are sharing this overview with you.