Santa Maria New Crop

Santa Maria Update

We are very pleased with the plant health, bloom and peak volume ahead. As you can see, this field is loaded with bloom and fruit in all stages.

Daily and weekly numbers will continue to increase as we head into the end of the month and October peak volume. We are still harvesting small blocks of our spring acreage as these ranches continue to produce quality fruit and we experience strong demand.

We still have foggy mornings in this region since we are located on the west side of Santa Maria near the beach, but the outlook for later next week shows a potential warming trend.

Labor is still tight but we have enough employees to stay on our regular harvest rotation and are optimistic we can maintain our staffing and daily schedule. We look forward to a strong fall season coming on quickly in this region with sustained volume for the next several weeks.

We are disappointed that the in-person Produce Marketing Association convention was cancelled for the second time. We were looking forward to finally seeing you in person after the Pandemic only to be deterred again due to a natural disaster.

Our hearts are with the citizens of New Orleans and throughout the Southeast that continue to suffer from storms affecting their homes and businesses.

We look forward to the opportunity to host you in person on our ranches either in Oxnard or Santa Maria as your schedule allows in the coming months. Please be sure to reach out to our sales team to schedule a tour. We are excited about our fall season in Santa Maria and preparations underway planting our 2022 crop in Oxnard. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.