Santa Maria & Mexico

Santa Maria & Mexico

We continue to see the plants producing great fruit with more to come over the next few weeks. As you can see from the photos, there is plenty of fruit still coming with bloom, green and red fruit throughout the field. We are really happy with quality and flavor this fall and the weather gods have been friendly so far (*knocking on wood”). Thanks for your continued support this season, as we also dedicate much of our labor and fields to new planting as well.

Additionally we had our first crossing this week from Mexico, so that season is off and running. While numbers are light coming across the border now, look for our volume to increase out of central Mexico in the coming weeks.

2022 Crop

We have been planting in Santa Maria getting ready for the Spring season even though we are a bit behind schedule compared to previous years.

We are also really happy with our plants in Oxnard and already have some bloom emerging from the small plants . We expect to start our first harvest of our 2022 crop just in time for Christmas. While the volume will be minimal at that time, its a great way to start the holidays and the new year.