2021 Season Continues!

Oxnard Plants Thriving

We had a light rain last week that served as perfect timing for these fields as the plants take hold. Just two weeks ago there was no green and now they are full of new leaves and crowns. We will keep you posted on this new crop growing under the fall, and soon to be winter, season.

Santa Maria and Outlook

Fall season continues to march on here as we had ideal conditions all week. We did have rain in the forecast, but that didn’t happen and now the forecast shows 60’s and 70’s for the next ten days with mild evening temps in the high 40’s so this season will continue to march on. The days are getting shorter which is slowing the daily numbers down a bit, but harvesting will continue throughout November here.

We are also in the midst of planting in this region as we prepare for Spring 2022. Labor and supply chain issues have created some challenges in getting planting done as early as we would have liked, so this may result in a more staggered beginning to the Spring 2022 season. We will definitely keep you up to date on how things progress based on planting dates, weather conditions and ALL the other factors that go into a berry season here.