September 23, 2022

Santa Maria Update

The rain was definitely here and hit some areas harder than others.  We have been using most of this week to clean up fields that were affected and strip plants to get harvesting back on track now that the weather has settled back in to normal.  Some ranches were not hit as hard so we were able to get into those fields faster.  We appreciate your understanding and patience as we have been working through all of our ranches this week to ensure we have best quality moving forward.

Our QC team has been in the field every day and will continue to do so working with our staff to keep best quality in the pack.  Weather for the 10 days looks clear and mild with cool nights.

We expect all of our fall ranches to be back on a regular rotation next week and we will keep a close eye on quality, size and flavor.


Oxnard Update

We did not get the same rainfall here as Santa Maria, but did get just trace amounts which had no real impact on the plants.  We do expect the volume to continue to increase in this region as plants mature and weather warms next week.  Temperatures next week should hover in the high seventies, low 80’s with mild night time temps that will bring the fruit on nicely.

Consumer Update

We have been actively engaging with shoppers through our social media channels and our website building loyalty and sharing recipes for late summer.  With today being the first full day of FALL, we are shifting gears and promoting fall recipes, contests, and building demand.  Check out some of our recent recipes and popular posts on social media here and here.  Be sure to Like us on Facebook too!