September 9, 2022

Santa Maria Update

As you know, California has had quite the heat wave over the last week.  It appears that the system will be moving out finally and we should see normal conditions again by the weekend throughout the state.  Thankfully, our Santa Maria fields hug the coastline so those ranches had some heat (in the 80’s) but benefitted from the pacific ocean cooling each morning and evening keeping heat damage to a minimum.

Our fall crop acreage is increasing in volume as our spring crop numbers continue to trend downward.  We see a smooth transition here as we keep up with demand and maintain our labor force.

We are pleased with fruit size, quality, color and flavor coming into our fall season and look forward to a nice stretch of excellent fruit for the next few months here in Santa Maria.  While we need the rain here in California, we hope to enjoy a nice long fall season with mild weather.


Oxnard Update

Our fields here are maturing nicely and even though we have had some heat here as well over the last week, it is still early for these fields so we are still on track and the plants are healthy.

We are harvesting minimal numbers now and look forward to increasing volume each week as we get farther into September.  We hope Mother Nature works with us this fall as the two districts work together to provide us with a nice long second season in 2022 that provides promotable volume for the upcoming holiday seasons.