September 8, 2023

Santa Maria:

As we roll into September, we approach that time of year when seasons overlap in the same region.  Here in Santa Maria we have two distinct crops working together to fill the volume demand.  The spring crop is still going strong on the west side ranches and our QC team is monitoring quality, size and flavor every day to ensure best product in every box.  Our new fall crop is gaining momentum and slowly increasing each week as the plants mature and weather cooperates.  The size, color and flavor is excellent, but volume is still light until we get into peak numbers.

While some areas here are getting higher temps, all of our west side ranches are getting that optimum mid 70’s during the day and mid 50’s at night.  We should see the fog roll back in next week cooling things down a bit.


Oxnard is coming along with plants looking great and as you can see from the photos, just a few weeks away from coming into season here.  This crop is expected to begin in early October and, with Mexico, will take us into 2024.

Statewide Status:

The Strawberry Commission Pink Sheet shows statewide volume still tracking well behind 2022, but we have actually caught up to our 2021 total volume to date.  Weekly numbers are still hovering just below 6 million trays and declining slightly each week.

We will be exhibiting at the IFPA Global Produce Convention this year in Anaheim and look forward to sharing our 2024 program with you.  Be sure to let us know if you will be attending and visit us at booth #3069.