September 29, 2023

As we get through this first full week of Fall 2023, we are also shifting right into our fall crop in both of our California growing regions.  The weather has been a factor all year long this season and we hope to see some mild conditions as we step into October next week.

Fall Crop California:

Santa Maria has both spring and fall crop overlapping with fruit looking well in both areas.  The fall crop volume will increase each week to meet demand, and the spring fruit is expected to maintain for the next few weeks due to the west side location with mild weather conditions.  We are experiencing some damp foggy mornings and evenings, but as we get closer to October, the cool nights help to provide firm fruit with great color and size.

The fall Oxnard crop looks great even with the light volume coming on right now.  Fruit size, color and firmness are excellent.  The volume will increase slightly each week for the next couple of weeks.  By the time we get to the IFPA Convention in Anaheim later in October, we should be experiencing peak numbers that will carry us well into November as we wait for the 2024 Spring crop to take over.


We are looking for volume from our three key growers in Central Mexico to kick in soon for the 2023-24 season.  We will report more on that volume in our next update as we head to Mexico next week to meet and walk the ranches.  Be sure to visit us at the IFPA to discuss this program and our 2024 program at booth #3069