April 22, 2022

Oxnard Update

We expect to harvest fresh in this region as long as weather and quality cooperates to carry us through the Mother’s Day pull ahead.   The fruit has nice color, sheen and excellent flavor.

We are in our peak season while dodging some weather.  Thankfully, we are able to harvest around any potential issues maintaining our strict quality control utilizing our culling program to ensure our best fruit goes into every fresh box and the rest is diverted to processing.

Our mild Spring weather is continuing with some wind here today and a ten day outlook showing perfect growing conditions.  We should see highs in the low 70’s and cool night time temps in the 50’s.

Santa Maria Update

Our volume here on the west side of town is still ramping up and we expect to see increasing numbers each week for the next several weeks leading into a summer peak season.  Our organic volume is increasing each week as well.

The fruit size is very large, and we are pleased with the excellent color and flavor coming out of every field.  We should see volume increases leading into Mother’s Day and beyond headed into the end of May and June.

The current forecast shows some wind for the next couple of days to dry things out here and keep us on our harvest rotation.  Like Oxnard, sunny and warm days are in the long term forecast with mild night time temps.  Now is the time to set those big displays and promote every week leading into the next few holidays.

Promotion Update

To support peak volume ahead, the California Strawberry Commission launched an IBOTTA campaign this week providing consumers with a rebate for their California strawberry purchases nationwide.  This Spring campaign serves as an incentive to add strawberries to the shopping list and money back once consumers make that purchase at your stores.  The Commission committed a significant budget to this campaign to support the industry and your sales so the rebates should be in place for the next several weeks.  Rebates to consumers support any brand of California strawberries.