Fall season in full swing

Crop and Staff Update

October brings fall berries, and this year, a huge staff rivalry with half of us residing in southern California and the rest in northern California. We are clearly a house divided as the first game of this iconic NLDS begins tonight.  As a Giant’s fan, I am even hesitant to share this graphic that has LA first in the photo.  We will do our best to remain calm as we talk with you over the next several days.  However, based on the outcome of this series, things could get quite tense so we apologize in advance!

Meanwhile, our volume in Santa Maria is ramping up and we are almost finished with planting our Oxnard crop for 2022.  The plants in Santa Maria are healthy and full of fruit in varying stages of ripeness with plenty of bloom as you can see in the photos.

Weather is still cooperating and daytime temps are expected to stay in the 60s and maybe even a 70 degree day sprinkled in along the way.  Nighttime temps are getting colder and the days are getting shorter, but everything is on track for a great fall season here.

Crop and Staff Update

Study shows 68% of shoppers will pay more for branded produce

We read with interest this latest research published in Supermarket News from Foodmix Marketing and wanted to share it with you  in case you missed it.  Their findings include the revelation that more than half of consumers find it important to shop specific brands in the produce department vs. non-branded products.  We are sharing the full article in the link above and are pleased to see that targeted households buying branded produce are spending $25 or more on fresh produce each week.

We remain committed to telling our family story to shoppers buying berries and buying our brand specifically and appreciate to positive feedback we receive each week.