July 19, 2024

Statewide Strawberry Update We are still in the heat of summer but volume is tight and demand is taking its usual summer vacation.  Each year about this time demand does drop off a little as consumers step away from their normal grocery shopping routines in favor of vacation.  … Read On ›

June 28, 2024

Statewide Strawberry Update It's hard to believe July 4th is already next week, but there is plenty of promotable strawberry volume to support the holiday demand.  The Strawberry Commission Pink sheet currently shows the cumulative statewide strawberry volume is still tracking well ahead of the previous two years.  … Read On ›

May 31, 2024

Statewide Strawberry Volume Snapshot As the state worked through Memorial Day, the strawberry volume hit some records and as of May 25th, the cumulative California strawberry volume was just over 81 million trays.  This number compares to 57 million the same time last year and 78 million in … Read On ›

May 10, 2024

Peak Statewide Strawberry Volume is Here The state hit a volume record for the week ending 4/27 shipping over 9.8 million trays of strawberries.  The last time California hit even close to that number was back in 2018 at 9.7 million trays in late May.  Last week we … Read On ›

April 26, 2024

Peak Strawberry Season is Here Now is the time those strawberry displays should be front and center in the department with inviting pricing and promotion to draw shoppers in and build on additional sales at checkout.  Key Spring Holidays are approaching and weather is improving across the country, … Read On ›

April 12, 2024

Crop Update Once again we have had some wonderful Spring weather this week, ending with a threat of rain on the horizon.  As we write this update, we are looking at potential rain in the forecast this weekend but Spring is definitely here so it will not have … Read On ›

March 29, 2024

Happy Easter! Crop Update As we write this update, we are looking at yet more rain here throughout California this weekend.  Just as things start to look like spring, this happens.  Thankfully, we are far enough into the season that the plants are going to push fruit, regardless of … Read On ›

March 15, 2024

Crop Update It appears as if Spring might actually be arriving in southern California.  We are seeing our fields really pick up on volume this week and looking into next week here in Oxnard.  Yield per acre is increasing, and size, color and flavor are excellent. Our daytime temps … Read On ›

March 1, 2024

  SEPC Southern Exposure We look forward to seeing you in Tampa next weekend for the annual SEPC convention.  This is great timing to meet with our Bobalu sales team and management as our Spring Berry season begins to take off in California.  Please be sure to stop by … Read On ›

February 23, 2024

Mexico Our growing regions here in Mexico continue to cross consistent volume each day.  Fruit color, size and flavor is good as they work through their peak to support the growing spring demand at retail.  Our QC team remains focused on quality and consistency in each pack.  Numbers … Read On ›