September 23, 2022

Santa Maria Update The rain was definitely here and hit some areas harder than others.  We have been using most of this week to clean up fields that were affected and strip plants to get harvesting back on track now that the weather has settled back in to … Read On ›

September 9, 2022

Santa Maria Update As you know, California has had quite the heat wave over the last week.  It appears that the system will be moving out finally and we should see normal conditions again by the weekend throughout the state.  Thankfully, our Santa Maria fields hug the coastline … Read On ›

August 26, 2022

Santa Maria Update We are continuing to transition to our fall crop season here while keeping up with demand.  This is definitely a balancing act as we assess the shift to new crop, maintain current crop fields that are still producing, while ensuring we keep our labor force. We … Read On ›

August 12, 2022

Santa Maria Update We are seeing some changes ahead as we continue to harvest here in Santa Maria.  We know the volume has been a bit tight these last couple of weeks, but we are really focused on ensuring best quality as we continue to harvest our spring … Read On ›

July 29,2022

California Update As this is being published, we are participating the in IFPA Foodservice Conference in Monterey.  We look forward to seeing customers in person and sharing news about our fall crop progress in both Santa Maria and Oxnard. Even though we are headed into August next week, we … Read On ›

July 15, 2022

California Update We enjoyed seeing our industry friends at the Organic Produce Summit this week.  We were also very pleased to host field tours at our ranches on the west side of Santa Maria this week for customers attending the conference.  Be sure to let us know if … Read On ›

July 8, 2022

California Update As summer marches on, we are pleased with our quality and volume coming from our fields along the coast near Santa Maria.  If you have not had a field tour in this part of the state, please contact our sales team to set one up.  This … Read On ›

June 24, 2022

California Update We are happy to see such consistent volume, sizing and flavor from our fields here in Santa Maria throughout the month now leading into July.  It's hard to believe that July 4th is just around the corner, but we are very pleased with the continued consumer … Read On ›

June 17, 2022

Santa Maria Update Looks like we all got caught a little by surprise last week with more volume than anticipated.  This was a statewide issue and as you know the pipeline is full as a result.  We are still harvesting a lot of fruit as our day neutral … Read On ›

June 10, 2022

Santa Maria Update It looks like we are now through the peak here in Santa Maria but our weekly numbers should be steady for the next few weeks.  Thankfully, being on the west side of town we should benefit from the cooler temps this weekend as some other … Read On ›