February 18, 2022

California Update

We were reminded this week that Mother Nature is always in charge!  Our Super Bowl Sunday weather was like a hot, summer afternoon, and then within 24 hours it reverted back to winter.  We expect our temps to remain slightly cooler which will keep volume in check for the next week, but with longer days ahead, things will naturally warm up in Oxnard.

Coachella is continuing to provide us with great quality and consistent volume and we expect to see mild temperatures continue through the month.

The cooler weather is also stretching up to Santa Maria which will provide us great plant vigor for the April-May peak of our day neutral varieties.  In the meantime, our Fronteras acreage is consistently increasing in numbers.  Below are photos taken yesterday showing those plants and fruit harvested.  The fruit size, color and flavor is excellent so we look forward to this region ramping up along with Oxnard.







Mexico Update

We are still relying on this region to supplement our California volume.  We have steady numbers coming across the border and we are maintaining strict quality control at our receiving points.  As we get closer to March, we will watch the weather patterns so we can utilize this region as long as possible before it gets too warm in our growing regions here..

Industry News

We look forward to meeting with you at the upcoming Southeastern Produce Council convention in Orlando, FL this year.  We hope you are able to attend and visit with us in person!  Please visit with us at booth #317 at the SEPC Southern Exposure March 3-6, 2022