January 21, 2022

Oxnard and Santa Maria Update Oxnard volume is picking up each day and week as weather cooperates and supports continued plant health and lots of bloom.  We are seeing sunny skies and the days becoming longer with nice mild temperatures both day and night.  We have also had … Read On ›

January 14, 2022

California Update Things are progressing in Oxnard as the harvesting increases each day and week and we are on track with our forecast of a strong start to the season.  Volume is picking up each day this month and our daily harvest rotation on all the ranches shows … Read On ›

Berries for Thanksgiving

Mexico and Santa Maria Mexico crossings have begun for Bobalu and we are very happy with the quality, color, sizing and flavor as this season gets underway for the winter. Volume over the next couple of weeks will continue to increase as the season progresses from Central Mexico. … Read On ›

Santa Maria & Mexico

Santa Maria & Mexico We continue to see the plants producing great fruit with more to come over the next few weeks. As you can see from the photos, there is plenty of fruit still coming with bloom, green and red fruit throughout the field. We are really … Read On ›

2021 Season Continues!

Oxnard Plants Thriving We had a light rain last week that served as perfect timing for these fields as the plants take hold. Just two weeks ago there was no green and now they are full of new leaves and crowns. We will keep you … Read On ›


Rain Was Short Term Disruption

Harvest after the Rain We did get some much needed rain last weekend, but thankfully got back into strawberry growing weather quickly with nice mild temps and light winds to dry everything out.  These berries above were harvested on Tuesday morning and we continued to harvest all week … Read On ›

New Berries and New Team Member

Harvest after the Rain We are excited to welcome Ryan Baird to the sales team.  Ryan has been in the produce industry for twenty years and we are excited to have him on our team.  Timing is perfect as we get into peak Fall Season and begin our … Read On ›

Fall season in full swing

Crop and Staff Update October brings fall berries, and this year, a huge staff rivalry with half of us residing in southern California and the rest in northern California. We are clearly a house divided as the first game of this iconic NLDS begins tonight.  As a Giant's fan, I am … Read On ›

October berries are here!

Santa Maria Update October berries are here! The plants look great and there is a load of bloom and green fruit in every field. Our staggered planting dates will result in a nice long and even peak over the next several weeks. We spent a lot of … Read On ›